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About Me

Personal Training

I am a qualified Level 3 (REPs) Personal Trainer based at RISE Gym Welwyn Garden City, offering customised, targeted fitness training for anyone with a goal they want to reach.

Whatever your fitness background, whether you are:

- An experienced athlete looking to improve specific areas your performance.

- Someone who works out regularly but in need of some direction to get the most out of your routine.

- A complete newbie to the fitness world with no idea where to start or anything in between, I will set you on the right track and work with you to reach your own personal goals.

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to give me a call or send an email any time and I will be happy to discuss with you further.


+ Active IQ Level 3 Diploma Fitness Instructing and Personal Training:
- Studio Cycling (Spin)
- Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning Training (Circuits)
- Gym Based Boxing
- TRX Suspension Training
- Kettlebell Training
- Sports Nutrition
- First Aid

+ Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Level 1 (CPPS)
+ Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Level 2 (CPPS)

+ REPs

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PT Ruprai

Amandeep Ruprai

My background is in martial arts – specifically Shotokan Karate, which I have been training in since the age of 6 and recently achieved my own personal goal of reaching Godan (5th level Black Belt). This style of karate focuses on setting examples and motivating people to be more disciplined and better themselves physically, personally and mentally. 



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  • "After only four weeks training with the Get Small programme, I have seen amazing results and got my confidence back in the gym. The great thing about this workout plan is that I have the ability to push myself week on week with the support of PT Ruprai. My cardio endurance has improved vastly, I’ve lost an inch on my waist, and I have toned and gained muscle. Couldn’t be happier, an exercise programme that actually works!" - Jasmine Sutton

  • "My experience of the Get Small workout plan was really positive it enabled me to feel stronger and more alert in day to day life. In only 4 weeks it is amazing what you can achieve, from such a simple and straightforward plan.I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts and will continue to use the workout plan to achieve more results." - Monica Conder

  • "Amandeep is extremely knowledgeable has a real talent for motivating people to better themselves. I never used to like going to the gym, but Amandeep has given me a programme that's enjoyable because I can really feel and see the results of my progress. It's improving my strength and stamina, as well as helping me shed a few pounds in the process, which is good for my speed and agility. I'm now much more confident going to the gym because I know exactly what exercises to do and why. If you really care about getting fit and improving yourself, you won't find anyone better!" - Kathryn Wood

Personal Training in Welwyn Garden City

*You do not need to be a member to do Personal Training.

RISE Gym Welwyn Garden City
Unit B
Fretherne Road
Welwyn Garden City




Personal Training Sessions

Free Consultation:
30 Minutes

One Session: £52.50
60 Minutes

Single Blocks:

Four Sessions: £200
60 Minutes

Eight Sessions: £360
60 Minutes

Twelve Sessions: £480
60 Minutes

Direct Debit (per month):

Four Sessions: £160
60 Minutes

Eight Sessions: £315
60 Minutes

Top Up Sessions: £40
60 Minutes

Group Training:
2 People: £27.50 each
3 People: £25.00 each
4 People: £20.00 each
5 People: £17.50 each



I started going to Amandeep's classes 3 months ago after struggling to improve my fitness independently. The group sessions he runs are brilliant; friendly and welcoming, but hard work! Amandeep is incredibly creative with his exercises, creating new phases every month to keep it challenging and interesting. He has a natural ability to push us and help us progress week to week - it didn't take long for me (and others) to see a noticeable progression in my strength and fitness.


Fab personal trainer! Knowledgable & supportive in how to reach your personal goals, whilst also keeping routines fun and new! Amandeep really makes you feel comfortable, which is super helpful if you’re like me and are not a natural gym bunny! Lovely guy, definitely recommend!


Amandeep is by far the most knowledgeable and experienced PT. He actively keeps himself up-to date on all PT and health matters and is clearly very passionate about his work. I have been training with Amandeep for over a year now and without fail he will change my programme every 4 weeks, just to keep pushing me and to keep me on my toes. My wife and son also go to Amandeep for PT. I’d highly recommend Amandeep; and, he’s very affordable.


Amazing PT, very patient and is always there if you have any questions regarding your plan. Bases all plans around you and your needs, if a workout causes discomfort or anything he’ll swap it for something else.


Amandeep is a very knowledgeable and thorough Personal Trainer. I’m a year in, and I feel fitter and stronger than I have in 10 years. Specifically, what he gets right is how hard to push me - it’s always just at the limit of what I can do but never to the point where I’m hurt or fail. This is important as I generally carry niggling injuries from karate. Amandeep is highly structured; we follow a plan on which he records progress, and the programme evolves over time to suit the next stage in my development.


Worked with Amandeep 3 days a week for three months. He organised a very structured program that pushed me from the start whilst conditioning my body for the more grueling workouts that followed over the months. This meant I was able to progress naturally and had no fear of sustaining an injury whilst working every muscle in the body. The routine changed every 3 weeks so allowed for a gradual increase in weight being used, before pushing on to a different and more challenging routine. This kept me engaged and kept the sessions interesting.